ali is a textiles artist and hairstylist making a home in Toronto. Ali (she/they) explores time through tactile experience. Using weaving and dyeing as their main expression of craft. As a person exploring identity through fibre, clothing, memory, inner thought, and friendships Ali constructs woven pieces in frame as if to signify time and space. Being in a body and sharing space with textile fibres provides comfort and stability to look further and beyond the traditional acts of weaving and dye. 

Moonweaving is ali's main container for weaving and thought. It enables her and others to hold space for traditional craft with new waves of ideas. as a weaving instructor ali brings openness traditional and nontraditional approaches to performing the art of weaving. Giving large respects to the beginnings and practices of this craft. ali provides accessibility to weaving by working with found objects as looms and recycled cloth or momentos from the student. ali is eager to show anyone weavings ability to present a mirror into ones life, and its important role in this place. 

ali columbus

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